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Live from studio on FMF online


Dance2Cinema: All About Almodóvar | Funk & Folk: Atli Örvarsson & Torrek

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Part I: All About Almodóvar – songs from Pedro Almodóvar’s films

Co-production with the Fimucité International Film Music Festival

Volver Volver)
Piensa en Mí (High Heels)
Un Año de Amor  (High Heels)
Ne Me Quitte Pas (Law of Desire)
Luz de Luna (Kika)
Teatro (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)
La Bien Pagá (What Have I Done to Deserve This?)
El Último Trago (The Flower of My Secret)
Soy Infeliz (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)
Tonada de la Luna Llena (The Flower of My Secret)
Se Nos Rompió el Amor de Tanto Usarlo (Kika)
Sufre como Yo  (Live Flesh)
Resistiré (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!)

Esther Ovejero — vocal
Francis Hernández — piano, synthesizer
Roberto Amor — percussion
Pancho Delgado — guitar
Carlos Perdomo — double bass

Part II: Funk & Folk — Atli Örvarsson & Torrek 

Atli Örvarsson – accordion


Dance2Cinema is an FMF cycle initiated during the 10th jubilee of the festival by an open-air event in the style of the 1980s, with the founding father of dance music Giorgio Moroder as a DJ. Thousands of FMF fans had good time at the Nowak Jeziorański Square to the remix of his Oscar-winning song Take My Breath Away from the film Top Gun. It convinced us that film music facilitates good fun. Film music often features unforgettable songs that contribute permanently to the history of filmmaking. In his films, Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar pays enormous attention to songs, turning them into element of narration that creates the climate of films and develops dramaturgy. We have already presented the nostalgic music from Almodovar’s films at the concert of Alberto Iglesias. The 11th edition of the festival will bring about more intimate and sensual scene of Dance2Cinema, presenting a concert made in co‑production by Krakow FMF and Fimucité, Tenerife International Film Music Festival. Esther Ovejero, a very charismatic Spanish singer whom we know from her concert of music from James Bond movies at the Tauron Arena, will perform songs such as Luz de Luna and Volver.

Opposed to the inclusion of film music into the globalisation process are the composers who derive inspiration from folk melodies, refer to national musical traditions, and prefer the local flair and identity above the drive toward Hollywood-type industrialisation of composer’s profession. Atli Örvarsson is one of such composers. After spending ten years in Los Angeles and training in the team of Hans Zimmer, he returned to Iceland and now obtains more commissions from the dream factory than ever before.

TORREK is a project conceived by the composer – a fusion of Irish and Icelandic folk music to be presented in the second part of the Dance2Cinema concert. The ensemble was created to record a soundtrack for The Eagle (2011) and since that time has given concerts all over the world from Los Angeles, Cork and Madrid to Akureyri, Iceland. Atli defines the genre of music they perform as “cinematic electronica” as the collaboration of Icelandic composer, his sister, vocalist Hilda Örvars, and the Irish Neff brothers, Eoghan (fiddle) and Flaithri (Uillean pipes and whistles) comes together in music which could be described as folk, married with electronica, under the umbrella of a cinematic influence.  Together with his band, the composer prepares a special funky repertoire with a traditional Irish-Icelandic flair, so we will see that film music is also good for party-making. The band is currently finishing up their first LP.

Esther Ovejero
Esther Ovejero
Atli Örvarsson
Atli Örvarsson