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May will be ours


Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


Cinematic Piano: Daniel Bloom

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Special guests: Daniel Bloom, Jacek Borcuch

Daniel Bloom – synthesiser
Zdzisław Kalinowski – keyboard
Olek Świerkot – electric guitar
Krzysztof Pacan – bass guitar
Marcin Ułanowski – drums


Daniel Bloom – themes from e.g.
Lasting Moments
Dolce Fine Giornata
All That I Love

Atmospheric, chamber and electronic concert within Cinematic Piano cycle – Daniel Bloom’s music fills up the ICE Kraków.

Daniel Bloom is a film and electronic music composer and producer. He is the author of soundtracks from such films as Tulips, Kallafiorr and All That I Love, which gained multiple nominations to the Polish Film Awards and Fryderyk Awards, as well as Sundance Film Festival awarded pictures Lasting Moments and Dolce Fine Giornata.

Bloom has been a part of the film world for the last 20 years. Apart from the full-length fiction films, he also composed for such documentaries as Neon, Warsaw: A City Divided as well as Political Dress. On top of that, he writes music for theatre plays. He is the author and producer of his own electronic music albums. The last one, Lovely Fear,got a double nomination for the Fryderyk Awards.

During his concert at the Krakow Film Music Festival, Daniel Bloom will present his most famous film compositions. The evening will be enriched by a special guest – we will share more information about it with the festival fans soon.

The concert will also take place at The Krzysztof Penderecki European Center for Music in Lusławice.

Running time: 1 h 15 min (no intermission)


Daniel Bloom
Daniel Bloom
Zdzisław Kalinowski
Zdzisław Kalinowski
Krzysztof Pacan
Krzysztof Pacan
Bass guitar
Marcin Ułanowski
Marcin Ułanowski