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Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


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The winners of the Young Talent Award are already known

The winner of the Young Talent Award is already known, and the winner is Jan Sanejko. The statuette was handed to him a moment ago at the former ArcelorMittal Poland Tinning Plant during the ASCAP International Gala of Film Music. Maciej Dobrowolski won the second and Joep Sporck the third prize at the competition. Congratulations! 
1st place

Jan Sanejko – a composer and pianist, born in 1984. Studied composition at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music under Professor Zygmunt Krauze and Professor Edward Sielicki. He also studied the piano under Wojciech Kamiński and Wojciech Majewski, and improvisation under Szábolcs Esztényi. Cooperated with jazz choirs Sound’n’Grace and Jazz City Choir. He is inspired by Alexander Skriabin’s, Toru Takemitsu’s, Morton Feldman’s, Witold Lutosławski’s and Giacinto Scelsi’s music which has had a particular influence on his perception of the world of sound. In 2013 Sanejko received the Zygmunt Mycielski Award of the Young Circle of the Polish Composers’ Union ( ZKP) for his solo piano composition Gethsemane. His compositions were performed at concerts accompanying Warsaw Spring 2013. Also in that year he was granted the second award at the 1st National Composers’ Competition Toruń 2013 for his solo violin piece Confessions. In 2013, he participated in the FMF Master Classes for Young Composers in Krakow and the conference Game Music Connect 2013 in London. Since 2013 he has been a member of the Young Circle of the Polish Composers’ Union.

2nd place

Maciek Dobrowolski is a Polish film music composer with broad experience in writing music for picture. Maciek scored his first feature film at the age of 24 and wrote music which was described as exquisitely beautiful, thematic score by one of the biggest film music reviewers and a member of International Film Music Critics Association, James Southall. Maciek`s musical voice is unique and very characteristic and was occasionaly comapared to that of Georges Delerue - his compositions are always very melodic, often full of mysticism and awe. Maciek has collaborated with artists such as Robert Amirian, KARI, Jan Stokłosa and Marcin Ruminski (Shannon). In his constant desire to further develop his skills, Maciek has participated in various filmscoring workshops, such as FMF Masterclass in Kraków (2013, with legendary mixer Dennis Sands and director of the USC Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Daniel Carlin) and exclusive Composition Workshop with Jeff Rona in Cologne (only 8 participants qualified). Besides his love for music theory and film music, Maciek is an avid film buff, with particular weakness towards everything noir, Hitchcock and science fiction.

3rd plaee

Joep Sporck (1985) is a Dutch composer for film, tv and media. He composed music for several motion pictures, shorts, documentaries, TV and radio ads and theater projects. As an independent composer Joep has defined his style by combining orchestral music with other acoustic instruments and electronic textures. A broad variety of instruments are played by Joep such as piano, guitar, drums, accordion and some ethnic woodwinds. Conducting and teaching are some of his other musical occupations. Besides composing, Joep is also working for ProjectSAM, a sample development company in Utrecht (The Netherland).