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The Auditorium Hall of ICE Kraków named after Krzysztof Penderecki!

Krzysztof Penderecki is one of the best-known composers in the world, inspiring new generations of musicians. He contributed to music culture by creating such works as Threnody for the Victims of HiroshimaPolish Requiem and the Symphony No. 8 cycle.His music has appeared in films like The ShiningThe Exorcist and The Saragossa Manuscript. On the occasion of the composer's 85th birthday, Krakow Mayor Jacek Majchrowski will ceremonially name the Auditorium Hall of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre after Krzysztof Penderecki. The event will take place on the 30th of May at 6.30 p.m.
“Professor Krzysztof Penderecki’s merits for global culture and Krakow are invaluable; he is also one of the most recognisable Poles in the world. He not only presents his works in Krakow, but he has also been a resident of the city for over 60 years. Naming the ICE Kraków Auditorium Hall after him seems to be a natural step in this case,” says Krakow Mayor Jacek Majchrowski.

“I am honoured that the ICE Kraków Auditorium Hall will bear my name. Its architecture, acoustics and, most of all, the concerts that take place here - all of it is on a very high level. It is an honour to have one's own place in a city that has such a rich musical tradition,” says composer Krzysztof Penderecki. He is a professor and former rector of the Krakow Academy of Music, honorary doctor of the Jagiellonian University, member of the Social Committee for the Restoration of Krakow’s Historic Monuments, Honorary Citizen of the City of Krakow, president of the Artistic and Programme Council of the Sinfonietta Cracovia Orchestra of the Royal Capital City of Krakow, and now also the patron of the Auditorium Hall of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. “Thanks to the launch of ICE Kraków, we now have a concert space with excellent technical facilities and high acoustic values. This allows us to join important European music stages and present artists previously unavailable to Krakow organisers,” says Izabela Helbin, director of the Krakow Festival Office, the operator of ICE Kraków.

Krzysztof Penderecki became linked with Krakow in his youth. It was here that he began privately studying composition under the tutelage of Franciszek Skołyszewski. He continued his studies at the State Higher School of Music, now the Academy of Music in Krakow, under the direction of Artur Malawski and Stanisław Wiechowicz. In 1958, he took up an assistant position at the Department of Composition in his alma mater, and in 1972, was appointed its rector. He held this position until 1987. In 1987–1990, he was the artistic director of the Krakow Philharmonic.

The ICE Kraków Auditorium Hall is a multifunctional hall with audience seats surrounding the stage on three sides; it is perfectly adapted to conference, congress and concert functions. It is one of the best concert and congress halls in Poland. It has variable acoustics – adjusted each time to the type of event – with increased parameters; it also offers state-of-the-art solutions in the field of stage technology. The technology of the multi-segment stage with seven independently moving modules allows for arranging the space in accordance with the expectations of event organisers. The Auditorium Hall is equipped with a trapdoor for production workstations, directorial booths on each of the three levels, as well as simultaneous interpreting booths. 

The Auditorium Hall naming ceremony will take place on the 30th of May at 6.30 p.m. and will precede the Penderecki2Cinema concert, which takes place as part of the 11th Film Music Festival and is part of the Krakow celebrations of the composer's 85th birthday.