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Honourable ending

All that is well ends – also the great holiday of film music which electrified listeners from the whole Europe since Thursday. The last day of the 4th Film Music Festival was dominated by Czas Honoru (Days of Honor) and was the source of satisfaction of both film music enthusiasts, as well as fans of this popular TV series. Meetings with producers, the composer and actors, held on Sunday afternoon, aroused our interest before the evening performance of Bartosz Chajdecki’s music.
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However, before we heard the first sounds of music by Bartosz Chajdecki in the Tinning plant of ArcelorMittal Poland, producers of 

<> At 12:30 pm in the Gazeta Café, Jerzy Armata, a journalist of Gazeta Wyborcza, opened a meeting with the series’ stars. Magdalena Różczka, Agnieszka Więdłocha, Maciej Zakościelny, Jan Wieczorkowski and Antoni Pawlicki were answering questions concerning work on the series’ set and the realities of Polish cinema for over an hour. They also answered the following question: What is your favourite soundtrack? 
- Maciej Zakościelny: Gladiator
- Jan Wieczorkowski: Cinema Paradiso and, of course, Ennio Morricone
- Antoni Pawlicki: Black Hawk Down by Hans Zimmer
- Magdalena Różdżka: Magnolia
- Agnieszka Więdłocha: Bastard by Michał Lorenc
- Jan Wieczorkowski: And, of course,

After the evening concert the music from 

Pictures: Tomasz Wiech
The 4th Film Music Festival is already a history. For the first time the event lasted four days, four days filled with performances of soundtracks from the whole world, taking the audiences on an amazing journey to the furthest corners of musical inspirations. Joe Hisaishi showed the Krakow audience the highest level of artistry, preparing a brilliant concert many people will remember for the rest of their lives. Another source of great music, not everybody had a chance to discover for themselves before, were video games – on Friday a performance of a suite from The Witcher 2 and music from Distant Worlds was performed in Krakow. The screening of thePirates of the Caribbean turned out to be a great hit – the movie was accompanied with live music. Krakow said goodbye to all film music enthusiasts the best way it possibly could – by presenting the work of Bartosz Chajdecki – the music from Czas Honoru.

See you next year!

Pictures: Tomasz Wiech

Source: Łukasz Waligórski, www.muzykafilmowa.pl