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FMF Young Talent Awards 2018

The young Italian composer Marco Valerio Antonini is the winner of the sixth FMF Young Talent Award competition. He collected the statuette from Izabela Helbin, director of the Kraków Festival Office, and Robert Piaskowski, artistic director of the Film Music Festival. His winning composition, a re-scoring of a sequence from the game James Bond 007: Blood Stone, originally scored by Richard Jacques, was performed during the Video Games Music Gala at Tauron Arena Kraków. The composer was congratulated by Richard Jacques, original author of the soundtrack.  ​Paweł Głosz was placed second, with Michael Wilson coming third.

Led by Agnieszka Holland, the jury awarded the composer for his “sensitivity to cinematic tension and for writing music which creatively accompanies the narration rather than simply illustrating it”.Other members of the jury were Robert Townson (producer at Varèse Sarabande, the largest record label specialising in film music), Chris Brown (acclaimed British producer at the West One Music Group agency), Diego Navarro (composer, conductor and director of the Film Music Festival Fimucité in Tenerife), Richard Jacques (composer of the original soundtrack from James Bond 007: Blood Stone), Eimar Noone (conductor and composer of videogame soundtracks), Magdalena Wojewoda-Mleczko (music director of RMF Classic) and Robert Piaskowski (artistic director of the Film Music Festival).

 As well as being awarded the coveted statuette, the winner of the first prize presents his composition during the 11th Film Music Festival and takes part in an orchestral recording session at one of the best studios in London linked with West One Music Group.The composer also receives a private consultation with the leading American PR agency Costa Communications, paving the way to a Hollywood career.

 The level of this year’s competition was extremely high, with a total of 80 entrants from 15 countries including Australia, Canada, Greece, Ukraine and the US.

 The previous five FMF Young Talent Award competitions received almost five hundred entries from young composers from over thirty countries, and the winners are active in the international film music industry.The main aim of the competition is to reveal the most talented young composers working today and introduce their work to the public, including representatives of the global film industry.The interest in the FMF Young Talent Award is extremely high, with the Cracovian trophy forming an important part of each winner’s artistic biography. 

In recent years, the FMF has become one of the most important festivals of its kind, focusing on young composers and forming an important platform for professional education. The entrants compete for the main prize, with the top twenty receiving an invitation to Master Classes in Kraków revealing secrets of the profession such as orchestration and arranging and how to find their feet in the difficult global music industry.It is the most important course of its kind in our part of Europe.

Marco Valerio Antonini

He is a graduate in Composition and Orchestration from the Santa Cecilia conservatory of Rome. He attended the Film Scoring Master Class Fotogrammi e Pentagrammi, taught by the Oscar-winning composer Nicola Piovani.

In 2013 he composed original music for the documentary Profezia. L’Africa di Pasolini, about the famous Italian poet. This film was invited at the 70th International Venice Film Festival.

That successful experience started a continued collaboration with the Istituto Luce Cinecittà documentary production company, with two new documentaries: L’Ultima voce. Guido Notari (directed by Enrico Menduni) and 1945. L’anno che non c’è (directed by Beppe Attene), for the 70th anniversary of the World War II, both presented at international film festivals.

Paweł Głosz

A graduate in Composition and Theory of Music at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in the class of Antoni Wichrowski.

In his works, he combines elements of electronic music (including live electronics), ethnic and vocal music. On the one hand, he’s fascinated by avant-garde sonorism music, on the other hand, he’s looking for inspiration among symphonic film music composed by John Williams, Ennio Morricone or Danny Elfman. Above all, he’s a composer of theatre music. He cooperated with such directors like Łukasz Kos (Nasza klasa), Paweł Passini (Mały K), Paweł Łysak (Ryszard III), Bożena Klimczak (Dali) and Bartosz Porczyk (Amadeusz). He works regularly with Marta Streker, Igor Fijałkowski and Układ Formalny, an independent theater based in Wrocław. He created music for such performances as N.I.M (also adapting it to reception for the deaf people), #enterorestes, Matka Courage krzyczy, Ofelia i Ha and Koniec. He created a musical setting for the Wrocław’s Port Literacki Festival and the Fantasy Festival. He was a co-creator of the symphonic adaptation of the Star Wars movie suite The Power of the Force, which was played at the Wrocław Philharmonic by the orchestra and female choir of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music.

Michael Wilson

Based out of Oklahoma City, Michael Wilson is a composer, producer, and arranger of various styles of music.

Michael holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from Oklahoma Baptist University. 

During his undergraduate studies at OBU, he wrote and arranged for various instruments and ensembles including piano, string quartet, jazz band, and marching band. Michael also had three large works premiered during university; each performed by a full symphony orchestra. His work The Greatest Generation was also accompanied by a self-produced film that was projected onto a screen during the performance. 

In 2015, Michael participated in the NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in New York City. During his time at the workshop, he recorded his music with an orchestra comprised of NYC’s finest session musicians and learned from many experienced industry professionals such as Sean Callery, Michael Levine, and Ira Newborn. Michael is currently building his career as a freelance composer and recently has had his music published with several production music libraries.