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Presenting another exclusive FMF music publication!

We have excellent news for all enthusiasts of the Film Music Festival, who like to enjoy film music not only during the concerts, but also in the comfort of their homes. We proudly present the third release accompanying the Krakow Film Festival, with pieces from films including Atonement, Inception, Dr. No, GoldenEye and Anna Karenina.

The album contains over an hour’s worth of music that audiences will hear during the Krakow concerts. This exclusive publication is dedicated to the faithful fans of the festival, who each year come to Krakow to listen to live performances of legendary themes, presented in synchronisation with film. The compilation’s contents refer to the wider works of the invited Festival guests – world-famous, Oscar-winning composers.


The one-CD album contains pieces by such artists as Hans Zimmer, Elliot Goldenthal, Dario Marianelli, John Barry and James Newton Howard, including memorable themes from such films as Gladiator, Public Enemies and Goldfinger. The leading motif of the album are unforgettable tunes from the cult series of James Bond films, performed by such stars as Tom Jones, Louis Armstrong and Gladys Knight.


The album is available at sales points before concerts as well as online shops.


1. Thunderball – Thunderball (Tom Jones)
2. A View to a Kill – Wine with Stacy / Fanfare / Snow Job
3. Thunderball – The Bomb / Cafe Martinique
4. The Spy Who Loved Me – Ride to Atlantis
5. Licence ro Kill – Licence to Kill (Gladys Knight)
6. The Living Daylights – Theme from The Living Daylights (End Title)
7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service – We Have All the Time in the World
8. Moonraker – Miss Goodhead Meets Bond
9. You Only Live Twice – Theme from You Only Live Twice
10. The Dark Knight – Introduce a Little Anarchy
11. Batman Begins – Molossus
12. Die Another Day – Going Down Together
13. Anna Karenina – Curtain
14. Gladiator – To Zucchabar
15. Inception – Time
16. Pride & Prejudice – Dawn
17. Public Enemies – Plane to Chicago
18. Inception – Mombassa
19. Moonraker – Arrival at Chateau Drax
20. Goldfinger – Goldfinger Main Title
21. Dr. No – Underneath the mango tree
22. Brokeback Mountain – Brokeback Mountain 1
23. Gladiator – Now We Are Free

Nr kat. – 535 605 1
Publisher: Magnetic Records / Magic Records

Also available in addition to the album from this year’s edition of the Film Music Festival:

FMF 2013 – CD – 30 PLN
FMF 2014 – CD – 30 PLN

Attached to each CD will be a promotional voucher from the WIMP music streaming service!