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Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


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Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young Talent Award!

Henrik Lindström, graduate from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, is the winner of the eighth international competition for young composers of film music. The FMF competition attracted a record number of entrants this year.

The jury placed Ana Kasrashvili from Georgia second (she is the first woman in the competition’s history to reach the top three) and Gijs van Amelsvoort from the Netherlands third. Their success is all the more significant because this year they competed with the highest ever number of young artists: the event attracted 101 entries from over 20 countries. Participants were set the task of composing music for an excerpt of an episode from the latest season of the popular Netflix drama The Crown.

“Creating music is just a small part of preparing a score. Knowing what the music must ‘say’, how it should ‘say’ it and where it should ‘say’ it requires an understanding of the filmmaking process. It has been a great year for knowledge. Congratulations to all participants!” said the head of the jury Richard Bellis, composer, educator, winner of an Emmy Award and member of the board of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

The jury also included Mateusz Bień (composer, sound engineer, programmer, Academy of Music in Kraków), Yati Durant (composer and conductor, director of the International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education IMMSANE), Jan P. Matuszyński (film director, winner of the Golden Lion for The Last Family), Robert Piaskowski (artistic director of the Film Music Festival in Kraków), Martin Phipps (composer, author of the original soundtrack to the third season of The Crown), Maggie Rodford (director of the Air-Edel Group), Michael Todd (Assistant Vice President, Film & TV at ASCAP), and Magdalena Wojewoda-Mleczko (music director of RMF Classic radio, co-organiser of the Film Music Festival in Kraków).

The main aim of the competition is to reveal the most talented young composers working today and introducing their work to the public, including representatives of the global film industry. Past winners include Matthijs Kieboom (2013), Jan Sanejko (2014), Antonio Di Iorio (2015), Joep Sporck (2016), Paweł Górniak (2017), Marco Valerio Antonini (2018) and Hubert Walkowski (2019).< This year’s winner will perform at the TV Series Gala in 2021.