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TV Series Gala on 13. FMF

For the second time in the history of FMF, we invite you to an emotional concert of music from the most popular TV series. We guarantee moments of terror with American Horror Story, tension with Chernobyl and fun with Stranger Things! Among the composers who accepted our invitation are Martin Phipps, Trevor Morris, Hauschka and Mac Quayle. We will see you on 30 May at 7 p.m. at the TAURON Arena Kraków.

It is time to reveal the first feature of the FMF 2020 programme. To start with, the biggest concert – the TV Series Gala at Tauron Arena Kraków. In 2015, when we decided to invite the festival fans to listen to the themes and songs from TV series for the first time, we didn’t expect such a positive reception. The suite from Vikings clocks in at 9.5 million views on our YouTube channel! We can safely assume that every participant of that concert probably still remembers the goose bumps caused by the performance of Einar Selvik, who sang and played ethnic instruments. Will this year’s edition provide a similar experience?

Trevor Morris and Einar Selvik – this duo, known for their soundtrack to Vikings, will provide a lot of excitement on this Saturday night in May. The music from the latest season of the series will be the best thematic link with the first gala. Much like the suite from The Border, which was previously rewarded with great applause. Fresh from watching the first episodes of the third season, we can say that Łukasz Targosz did not disappoint his fans. The invitation to the gala was also accepted by Ania Karwan, who will perform the beautiful and extremely atmospheric vocal parts from the series.

The 2020 TV Series Gala simply could not overlook the treasure that is The Crown. Martin Phipps composed music for the third season. “I can’t wait for the audience to hear these live performances in the great FMF arena – all of it featuring an orchestra. Of course, there will also be Victoria and Black Mirror”, says the British composer. We will start with truly royal and majestic sounds and then move on to dark electronic minimalism. Speaking of darkness, it is worth noting that we will also hear music from American Horror Story and Mr. Robot by Mac Quayle, a master at building tension.

During the gala, the subtle piano music from Patrick Melrose and the experimental pieces from Gunpowder, written by Hauschka and featuring the prepared piano, will also delight the audience. Thanks to the use of synthesisers, the duo of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, responsible for the music to one of the most popular Netflix productions, Stranger Things, will bring us the sounds of the 1980s. The composers owe the series a fame that many artists from similar regions of electronics can only dream of. Dixon and Stein admit that interest in the soundtrack exceeded their expectations – so much so that after the premiere of the first season they had to start refusing interviews due to lack of time to finish their album.

The music for HBO’s Chernobyl will introduce us to a world of rare sounds.  In order to better convey the atmosphere of a nuclear power plant, Hildur Guðnadóttir went to a closed facility of this type in Lithuania. “I wanted to make the most realistic music possible. The story in the series is extremely strong. There are still many people living who lost their family members back then. I had to treat this musical task very carefully”, the composer recalls.

On 30 May, audiences will also hear music from TVP productions Ziuk: Young Piłsudski and War Girls prepared especially for the festival by Bartosz Chajdecki, a composer adored by FMF audiences and winner of the first Polish Soundtrack of the Year award.

The TV Series Gala will be held on 30 May at 7 p.m. at TAURON Arena Kraków.