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Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


Live from studio on FMF online


The 13th Krakow Film Music Festival

The FMF is one of the most important events devoted to film music in the world. The next edition of the festival will abound in various experiences, from a great multimedia gala, through dance rhythms, to chamber and acoustic performances. There will also be a monographic concert whose star will be one of the greatest contemporary film music composers, nominated for, among others, the Oscar and Grammy awards. The 13th FMF will also be an opportunity to present the latest trends and world premieres prepared especially for the festival audience. The programme will be complemented by accompanying events – seminars for young composers, film screenings, workshops for children, discussion panels and meetings with masters of music and film organised as part of the annual FMF Audiovisual Forum.

In May 2020, Krakow will once again become the world's capital of film music.

The concerts will be announced successively on 13.12, 16.12, 18.12, 18.12, 20.12, 23.12, 31.12.2019, as well as 2.01. and 7.02.2020.


Buy a Blind Pass

Season passes will be sold from 6.12.2019 at 1 p.m. to 12.12.2019 at 1 p.m. Regular and discount passes cover all concerts of the Festival, you will choose your seating at the time of purchase. Starting on 13.12 you will be able to buy only single tickets. The event on 1 June will be free of charge and is not included in the pass.

Tickets at prices of 600 PLN (normal) and 420 PLN (discount) will be available on the Eventim website and at InfoKraków points.