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SyncCamp and Songwriting Camp at the FMF!

The Audiovisual Forum is growing! It is one of the first systemic education programmes for film music composers in Europe planning to develop their career on the international music and film market, featuring meetings with outstanding filmmakers and representatives of world cinema, as well as Master Class seminars and recording sessions.

From the 12th to the 15th of May the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music is probably going to become the most creative region in terms of music in Europe, a place for collaboration of songwriters, composers, winners of prestigious awards, instrumentalists, vocalists, music producers, publishers and young musicians. In the place associated with the work of Krzysztof Penderecki, nearly 40 young adepts of composition, trying their hand in the film, entertainment and advertising sectors will hone their musical skills. The classic part of the Audiovisual Forum workshops will be hosted, among others, by Richard Bellis, Gavin Greenaway, Mateusz Bień, Patrick Lemmens, Hans-Martin Buff and Gary Marlowe. 

This year, we are also expanding our industry partnerships - for the first time, the Forum will host two additional workshops for artists: the SyncCamp organised in cooperation with Music Export Poland and Songwriting Camp in cooperation with Sony/ATV.

Several talented composers from Poland, Denmark, Japan, Portugal, France, Canada and other countries were selected to participate in SyncCamp, co-organised with MExP. Under the guidance of renowned experts Magdalena Niestryjewska-Jaguarec, João Paulo Ferreira Santos (Portugal), Jesper Gadeberg (Denmark), Piotr Russ (Kino Świat) in groups of 2-3 people selected by experts, they will carry out one compositional commission selected from available film or advertising briefs. Each of the participants will create at least three compositions. These songs will be presented to music supervisors and will have a chance to appear on the market as music for a real film or commercial. The artists will gain new contacts and opportunities for new commissions, while experts will supervise the process of creating and selecting the most talented creators. SyncCamp will be concluded with a listening session, which will be held during the FMF, on the 15th of May at ICE Kraków Congress Centre. 

The issues of aesthetics and functionality of written music for the cinema, interdisciplinary process, the composer's craft and its secrets are all important issues covered during the FMF Audiovisual Forum. This set of skills is complemented by the knowledge of the rules of creating music for the so-called briefs. The main idea behind this project is to enable young people to have direct contact with the creators and experts of the world's music and film industry. In this way, our festival fills a gap in European artistic education, in which the master-student relationship is usually an afterthought. In line with the principles of the Forum, the meetings will be attended by world-famous filmmakers, experts and representatives of the film industry in general, who will meet with listeners. The result is to deepen the knowledge about the functioning of the erse and difficult market of functional music.

The seventh edition of the Forum has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Małopolska Region, Polish Film Institute, Music Export Poland, Sony/ATV, Academy of Music in Krakow, ASCAP, Lusławice ECM, Museum of Krakow and others