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The FMF Ambassador statuette has been awarded!

According to the decision of the programme team of the Film Music Festival in Krakow, this year’s recipient of the prestigious FMF Ambassador Award will be Diego Navarro – film music composer, conductor and artistic director of the FMF partner Tenerife International Film Music Festival, FIMUCITÉ. In their justification of the award for FMF, the Award Jury emphasised Diego Navarro’s great involvement in the popularisation of film music, his great creative passion and involving foreign partners, as well as the cooperation between the two festivals and creation of new audio-visual projects of international significance, as well as a common passion that unites the organising teams of both significant international events. The jury also acknowledged the significance of the FMF and FIMUCITÉ in bringing the film industry, producers, directors, composers and the international fan community to other regions.

Diego Navarro is a composer, conductor, director and founder of the Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ). For many years, he has worked on popularising film music, created high quality music programmes and strengthened the international ties between promoters, publishers and creators of film music. For the last nine years, he has organised one of the most important festivals in the field in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Navarro has conducted numerous world premieres of film music, from the repertoires of both European and Hollywood composers. He has also popularised the musical achievements of famous composers, such as Bernard Herrmann, Alex North, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Patrick Doyle or Antón García Abril.


“The first FMF Ambassador Award was given in 2014 to Nancy Knutsen, who was the long-time assistant of John Williams. Today’s awarding of the title to Diego Navarro is a tribute to the special role he has played in the popularisation and development of knowledge about this field of music and contributing to the development of this important sector of the audio-visual industry,” said Izabela Helbin, the Director of the Krakow Festival Office, the organiser of FMF. “Navarro recently announced a contest in which fans of the FMF can win a visit to the capital of the Canary Islands during this year’s FIMUCITÉ, bringing the audiences of the two international festivals even closer together.”

FIMUCITÉ and FMF are two of the most important world events connected with film music. The cooperation of FMF and FIMUCITÉ has been ongoing since 2009, when Diego Navarro presented for the first time music from The Matrix, Spider Man, Iron Man, and Perfume at the Krakow Błonia. Since then, a number of joint ventures has taken place, involving prominent film music personalities, world film studios, as well as guilds and industry experts. Both events jointly invite composers, acquire licenses, exchange contacts and inspire film studios to create new arrangements of film scores. Among the festival co-productions are: Alien: The Biomechanical Symphony and 007: The Best of James Bond. Navarro also conducted a concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), during which were performed works by composers such as Hans Zimmer, Elliot Goldenthal, Dario Marianelli, Patrick Doyle and others.

The award is meant for those who have worked to raise the prestige and industry connections of the festival in Poland and abroad. The minimalist brass statue, created by Stanisław Juszczak, shows two cog wheels – one cannot turn without setting the other in motion. It is an interconnected system, in which success depends on cooperation and mutual assistance. In fact, the award is dedicated to all those who are friends and facilitators, who create lasting connections with the world and constantly strive for more of them.

“The FMF Ambassador is a person or institution which allows us to draw closer to the global world of music and film, aiding in cooperation and enabling new contacts. They are a guide to the process of learning, who helps the festival in achieving long-term goals. Diego Navarro is definitely such a person, along with his entire festival team,” said Robert Piaskowski, artistic director of the FMF, in the justification for the awarding of the prize.