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FMF Ambassador 2016 Award for Prof. Daniel Carlin

In order to emphasise the importance and merits of those who build connections in the industry, as well as the prestige of the Film Music Festival in Poland and abroad, the FMF has founded the prestigious FMF Ambassador Award for an individual or institution who enables the FMF to approach the global world of music and film, supports cooperation and helps establish new contacts. That person is a guide, helping us to learn and achieve far-reaching goals. As per decision of the Programming Board, the 3rd FMF Ambassador Award in 2016 was presented to a long-time friend of the Festival, Prof. Daniel Carlin from the Southern California University.

“The minimalist brass statuette designed by Stanisław Juszczak represents two moving cogwheels, set up in such a way that moving one of them would always cause the other one to move. It is a kind of symbiosis, in which the mutual success depends on cooperation and movement of both cogs. The Award is dedicated to all friends and facilitators, who establish lasting connections to the world and never cease in striving for more”, explained Robert Piaskowski, artistic director for the FMF.


Prof. Daniel Carlin teaches at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, where he is also the head of the faculty of film and TV music. He boasts 30 years of experience in the industry, during which he worked on over 200 films and TV productions as a composer, conductor and producer. His compositions were used for award-winning films, such as Days of Heaven, The Last Mohican, The Black Stallion and Temptation. For 25 years, Daniel Carlin has been the CEO of Segue Music, the largest and most renowned company offering production and post-production services for film industry in Hollywood.

“His experience as a producer and a teacher, his work as a consultant and juror of prestigious competition make it hard to find a better master for young authors, who plan their careers on the international music services market”, Piaskowski added.

During his career, Carlin has worked with such authors and creators as Francis Ford Coppola, John Hughes, Terrence Malick, Penny Marshall, Harold Ramis, Michael Mann, Herbert Ross, Tony Bennett, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Usher, Lionel Ritchie, Andrea Bocelli, Barry Manilow, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler, Lawrence Fishburne, Angela Bassett, Bruce Willis, Steve Martin, as well as prestigious composers, including Georges Delerue, Ennio Morricone, Maurice Jarre, David Foster, Trevor Jones, Basil Poledouris, Danny Elfman, Lalo Schifrin and Jerry Fielding, Bruce Broughton Hans Zimmer and many more. In 2004, Carlin became the Executive Director at Henry Mancini Institute. Between 2007 and 2012 he taught film music at Berkeley College of Music. Since 2012 he has been a director of film and TV music faculty at USC Thornton School of Music. He also conducts workshops, lectures and discussions, produces concerts in North America, Asia, Europe (in Boston Symphony Hall, Kodak Theater, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center). He also teaches at the University of Connecticut, Belmont University and Southern California University. He works as a music consultant, his recent projects include theatrical plays for Disney, in 2012 he worked on the Tony Award-winning Newsies.

Carlin created a programme for composers at Sundance Institute, for 25 years he was a part of the Executive Committee of the Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, and for the past 20 years he has been collaborating with the Recording Academy (who give out Grammy Awards) of which he was president two times. Daniel Carlin is an anthropologist, who got his doctoral degree and conducted his research in China during the Cultural Revolution.

He has been the president of the international competition for the Young Talent Award statuette, organised during the FMF, three times. Over the course of 4 years, almost 300 composers from 38 countries participated in the competition. For years he has been a part of the professional education programme of the FMF Audiovisual Forum. Thanks to the presence of the invited experts from Europe and from Hollywood, the FMF has become an important platform for professional education of young composers worldwide, who come to Krakow to hone their skills, gather knowledge and establish professional contacts.


In the congratulatory letter, the Mayor of Krakow wrote: “For many young adepts of the art of composing, you are an unparalleled role model, representing work, authority, knowledge and professional contacts in music and film industries. It can be attested for by your portfolio of over 200 cinema and television productions on which you worked as a composer, conductor and producer, but also the gallery of people, whom you have been supporting, mentoring and to whom you offered professional help as an author, composer and conductor. Many of them appreciate you for your great honesty and warmth, they are also very grateful for all the knowledge you pass onto the young composers, allowing them to properly understand their role and goal in the interdisciplinary world of film.”


In the previous years, the award was presented to Nancy Knutsen – a long-term assistant of John Williams, representing the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and a great friend of the Festival, guest of this year’s edition of the FMF - Diego Navarro - a composer and director of the FIMUCITE Festival.


“We have awarded our partners from the world of music agents, conductors and partner festivals, it is time to appreciate those who created an important platform for professional education at the FMF”, Piaskowski concluded.