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Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


Live from studio on FMF online


Kristjan Bergey

2nd place

Kristjan Bergey is a composer, arranger, and saxophonist based in Toronto, Canada. He currently works as assistant to renowned Canadian composer Robert Carli. In this role, he works as orchestrator, music editor, and copyist for scores to a multitude of Canadian media projects. Since 2012, he has worked on 7 seasons of dramatic prime time television, including the programs "Murdoch Mysteries" (CBC), "Remedy" (Shaw), and "Cracked" (CBC).

As a freelance composer for media, Kristjan writes music for a variety of projects with producers and directors from across Canada, having worked mostly on documentary shorts and short films. Notably, in 2013 he worked on "The Impermanence of the Ordinary", an official selection of the 2013 HotDocs Film Festival, and in 2014 he composed the score for the film adaptation of the classic Canadian poem "The Shooting Of Dan McGrew". His work as both an arranger and a saxophonist provide him with opportunities to explore a diverse range of musical styles in composition and performance. His background in computer engineering also helps to inform his technical sensibility as a composer for media.


Brought up studying classical piano, Kristjan eventually shifted his focus to jazz, and the saxophone. This led him to study with renowned Canadian saxophonists Kirk MacDonald, Pat LaBarbera, Alex Dean and Mark Promane. In 2006, Kristjan earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, where he graduated with first class honours. He spent two years working at Alias Systems, a software company specializing in visual effects for motion pictures. During his time at Alias, the company was awarded an Academy Award for technical achievement, which strengthened his resolve to work in the film and television industry. Seeking higher musical education, he decided to switch career paths and enrolled in the prestigious music program at Humber College in Toronto.


During his four years at Humber College, Kristjan was the recipient of numerous awards for his accomplishments in music performance, composition, and production, graduating at the top of his class. Most notably, he was awarded the President's Award and the Fred Sherratt Award, two of the highest honours bestowed upon a graduating student. It was here that he performed alongside some of the industry's great musicians - notably Chris Potter, Mike Stern, and the LaBarbera brothers. He has since studied counterpoint and composition with composer Roger Bergs, and participated in a variety of classes and workshops focused on composition and orchestration.