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Winner 2017 - Paweł Górniak

Paweł Górniak, the winner of the top award, joined the group of composers whose music was performed at the FMF All is Film Music Jubilee Gala.

The golden statuette of FMF Young Talent Award 2017 was handed to the Polish composer and sound designer – Paweł Górniak. The winner of the fifth edition of the competition for young film artists is a versatile musician; his interests range from classical music to rock, jazz, folk, pop, electronic and hip-hop. He currently works as a producer and author of soundtracks for film and commercials, he also deals with sound effect design and audio post-production. He is a reviewer of emuzyk.pl, Poland’s largest Internet platform devoted to musical equipmment.

The contestants in this year’s Young Talent Award were assigned with the task to create a soundtrack involving symphonic orchestra and choir to NBC’s recent fantasy serial Emerald City, with the original music written by Trevor Morris, a special guest of the 10th Film Music Festival. The composer also sat on the Jury which was chaired by Professor Daniel Carlin. The FMF Ambasador2017 Robert Townson; Michael Todd, Director of Film and TV Music at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers(ASCAP); Doreen Ringer-Ross, Vice President Film, TV & Visual Media Relations at Broadcast Music, Inc., as well as composers Trevor Morris and Jean-Michel Bernard, music producers Mina Korzeniowska and Christ Brown, the latter representing West One Music, and on behalf of the Festival organisers, Magdalena Wojewoda-Mleczko, RMF Classic Programme Director and Robert Piaskowski, FMF Artistic Director, also took part in the Jury debates.

Paweł Górniak, the winner of the top award, joined the group of composers whose music was performed at the FMF All is Film Music Jubilee Gala. He also received an extra bonus -- the award funded by Costa Communications, a leading American PR agency: private consultation to prepare him to the starting of music career in Hollywood. ”Ray Costa, who represents such stars as Alan Menken, Justin Timberlake, Alexandre Desplat and U2, will prompt our award-winner how to start career in the Dream Factory successfully. He will review his music, share with him the methods of self-promotion in the film industry, and introduce him to at least one agent operating in Hollywood. In one word– he will introduce him to the high society of the contemporary cinema” – explains Robert Piaskowski, the FMF Artistic Director.

FMF Young Talent Award

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