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Winner 2016 - Joep Sporck

Joep Sporck – a Dutch composer of music for film and the TV, multi-instrumentalist, winner of the 3rd place in the FMF Young Talent Award 2014 competition, a young and ambitious composer of music for feature films, documentaries, short films and TV productions, as well as radio advertisements and theatre projects – has won the FMF Young Talent Award 2016. Congratulations!

For the fourth time, the most talented film composers of the young generation faced each other in the competition for the Young Talent Award statuette! The international Jury, led by Prof. Daniel Carlin, head of the renowned Scoring for Motion Pictures & Television Department at the University of Southern California decided to give the first award to Joep Sporck (The Netherlands). Second place was won by Bartosch McCarthy, and Kristjan Bergey from Canada ended up on the third place in the competition.

The winner received the award during the “Film Music Gala: Animations” at TAURON Arena Krakow, in the presence of many composers and thousands of audience members gathered for a concert, who listened to the winning suite composed to the fragment of Shrek Forever (2010), the fourth and last instalment of the adventures of the likeable green ogre.The original score for the motion picture was created by the renowned Hollywood composer, Harry Gregson–Williams (special guest of the FMF), who was one of the jurors in this year’s competition and an honorary guest at the Gala. The young composers faced a difficult challenge, as their contributions were evaluated by the composer of the original score himself. Congratulations to all laureates and participants!

Apart from Daniel Carlin and Harry Gregson-Williams, the international jury also comprised Robert Townson — director of the largest film music label – Varèse Sarabande, Michael Todd — ASCAP Senior Director of Film & TV Music and Visual Media. Doreen Ringer-Ross — Vice President of Film & TV at Broadcast Music, Inc., Diego Navarro — conductor, composer and director of the Fimucité Festival, Jean Michel-Bernard – renowned French composer, teacher and pianist, Magdalena Wojewoda-Mleczko — RMF Classic programme director and Robert Piaskowski — artistic director of the Film Music Festival in Krakow.

“In appreciation of his unique musical motif, which illustrates the main dramatic theme of the animated sequence, and simultaneously emphasising numerous changes in the perspective and emotions”, Prof. Carlin said in explanation of the jury choice of Joep Sporck’s suite. The choice of 2nd place winner was explained as follows: “In appreciation of his great musical motif, characterised by impressive transitions and ideally fitting increase in frustration and tension, leading to a satisfying conclusion”. The third place was winner received the award “in appreciation of his impressive musical motif, which masterfully reflects the energy, lightness and warmth of emotionally diverse shots”.

The main prize in the competition is the FMF Young Talent Award statuette, designed by Stanisław Juszczak, an artist from Krakow, as well as presentation of the winning suite, performed by a full orchestra during the Film Music Gala: Animations for the audience and special guests of the 9th FMF.

The Special Distinction was won by Lawrence Whitehead “In appreciation of his great musical motif, which smoothly moves from light-hearted comedy through farce, to a striking and moving conclusion”, said Daniel Carlin. The winner will take part in the recording session for a new album in the leading London recording studio, together with West One Music Group label. The session will be an opportunity to meet musicians, discuss with producers and watch the recording room and the control room up close. Thanks to all of that Lawrence Whitehead will have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge on recording and production of the highest quality music materials. West One Music Group will cover the costs of travel in economy class from Poland to London, as well as sponsor a two-day trip with an overnight stay in London, including all additional costs connected with getting to and from the recording studio.

The level of this year’s competition was very high. We received over 70 submissions from 15 countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, Austria, Canada, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, USA and Latvia. 26 composers qualified for the grand finale, and they also participated in a series of workshops and Master Classes, conducted by Hollywood experts. This shows that the FMF has become an important platform for the development of professional education of young composers, valued in the industry.

The interest in the FMF Young Talent Award competition is immense. All of the laureates currently work on the international market, and the award becomes an important point of their artistic biographies.

Over the course of the recent years, FMF has become the most important festival of this industry in the world. Thanks to the FMF, an important platform for professional education for young composers was created in Krakow. Every year, they compete for the leading position, just like this year’s laureate, but at the same time they learn the secrets of their craft and the industry, orchestration, arrangement and of course how to deal with the difficulties of the global music market. They learn from the best – the experts from Hollywood. It is the best such course in this part of Europe, used by almost 100 composers from over 30 countries worldwide.

FMF Young Talent Award

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