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12th Film Music Festival is over


The Glamorous Show

Krzysztof Zanussi
Krzysztof Zanussi
Bartosz Chajdecki
Bartosz Chajdecki
Don Davis
Don Davis
Alexandre Desplat
Alexandre Desplat
Hans-Martin Buff
Hans-Martin Buff
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FMF 2013

It is as colourful as shots from Pedro Almodóvar’s films and tailored like an exclusive haute-couture gown. A special, collector’s album accompanying the Film Music Festival in Krakow!
The FMF 2013 music album includes over 70 minutes of film music that will be performed this year at concerts in Krakow. The pieces on the album were composed by the festival's guests who have confirmed the event’s status by their participation in it. These composers include: Alberto Iglesias, James Newton Howard, Valgeir Sigurđsson, Trevor Morris, Ernst Reijseger. The compilation includes selected music themes from such films as: Volver, The Tudors, Brute, A Single Man, 300 Miles to Heaven, Matrix and many others. For the first time, the album will feature Abel Korzeniowski’s music for Escape from Tomorrow which has been available only digitally so far, as well as Jan A.P. Kaczmarek’s music for a Japanese film Leonie whose soundtrack is hardly available in Poland. The album is equipped with a new feature especially for autograph hunters – space for signatures of the Festival’s guests!

This is the second time we are giving you the music guide to the Film Music Festival, a carefully selected compilation of the most important pieces performed at this year’s FMF.

Alberto Iglesias’ melancholic and emotionally dense suits from such films as Volver and Hable con ella, Abel Korzeniowski’s beautiful sadness for A Single Man, breathtaking Icelandic landscapes painted with sounds by Valgeir Sigurđsson, finally, the familiar themes of The Borgias and The Tudors by Trevor Morris, which prove his unbelievable skills and multitude of classical inspirations. On this record, you will find compositions of 10 great authors of film soundtracks, varied in style, nationalities, and genres. They will celebrate RMF Classic’s 10th birthday here in Krakow: Alberto Iglesias, Don Davis, Trevor Morris, Abel Korzeniowski, Diego Navarro, James Newton Howard and Michał Lorenc. Also Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Craig Armstrong, and Gavin Greenaway will honour us with their presence.

The distinctive Main Title / Trinity Infinity from the film Matrix performed live simultaneously to a film screening will remind you of the sound cathedrals created on a grand scale by Don Davis, while music for the film Escape From Tomorrow composed by Abel Korzeniowski that has not been published in Poland so far will refresh your memories of its world premiere that took place at the Tinning Plant of ArcelorMittal Poland.

Ernst Reijseger’s weeping cello in a piece from Cave of Forgotten Dreams will combine northern and southern music traditions, avant-garde jazz with contemporary music, while James Newton Howard’s disturbing suite from The Sixth Sense or the pulsating energy from The Bourne Identity will show the diversity of means by which film music communicates with the listeners. Finally, Michał Lorenc’s rhythmical Taniec Eleny [Elena’s Dance] – probably the most widely recognized theme of Polish film music. We give you a hypnotizing and beautiful cocktail of music experience.

I would like to wish frequent returns to festival emotions to everyone who wants to prolong FMF’s magic by purchasing this album. I would also like to invite those who will discover the Festival and its richness thanks to this compilation to visit Krakow.

Robert Piaskowski – Programme Director of FMF

The Film Music Festival in Krakow is a challenge for us. Compilations with film music composed by world-recognised artists are a rarity. Therefore, we are even more pleased that you have come across our album. We have created it bearing the Festival’s audiences in mind so that they have a chance to keep their favourite moments from the festival concerts for a bit longer. We still remember the atmosphere at the Tinning Plant of ArcelorMittal Poland after the world premiere of the film Perfume. The history of a murderer with music performed live during the screening! Selecting material for the album, we felt like Paris haute-couture tailors, because we created a compilation tailored especially for an exceptional recipient from top quality material adorned with precious trimming. We believe that having listened to the album, you will feel a similar sense of peculiarity that film music evokes.

Enjoy listening!
Jadwiga Polus – RMF Classic reporter


Track list:

1. Escape From Tomorrow – Gates Of Tomorrow
2. The Tudors – The Tudors Main Title Theme
3. The Borgias – The Borgias Main Titles
4. Dreamland / Draumalandiđ – Grýlukvćđi
5. The Bourne Legacy – Drone
6. The Matrix – Main Title/Trinity Infinity
7. Dreamland / Draumalandiđ – Dreamland
8. Oscar – The Color Of Destiny – The Color Of Destiny
9. Cave of Forgotten Dreams
10. 300 Miles to Heaven / 300 mil do nieba – Droga / Road
11. Volver – Volver
12. Hable con ella – Hable con ella
13. Leonie – Isamu Structures
14. Look At The Moon – In Space
15. Total Eclipse – Eternity (Finale)
16. The Sixth Sense – Malcolm is Dead
17. Leonie – Isamu Builds A Home
18. The Tudors Season 4 – It Is Well Done / The End Of A Dynasty
19. A Single Man – Stillness Of The Mind
20. Bandyta / Brute – Taniec Eleny / Elena’s Dance

Selection and compilation – Jadwiga Polus
Publisher: Polskie Nagrania (Catalogue No. – PNCD 1523)
Release date: 27.09.2013