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12th Film Music Festival is over


The Glamorous Show


FMF Young Talent Award 2017 is starting now!

Young composers – get to work! The 5th edition of the international FMF Young Talent Award is starting now!

For the fifth time, the most talented film composers of the young generation will face each other in the competition for the FMF Young Talent Award statuette! This time they are going to tackle the newest NBC’s production – Emerald City, with music composed by Trevor Morris, special guest of the 10th anniversary edition of the Krakow Film Music Festival.This year the competition task will be to compose a piece for symphonic orchestra and choir, illustrating a fragment of the TV series. The works of the young artists will be evaluated and assessed by the jury, which will include the composer himself, and the winning suite will be presented during the Film Music Gala “ALL IS FILM MUSIC: The Anniversary Gala of the 10th FMF” (20th May at the TAURON Arena Krakow)!

The laureate will win fame, prestige, respect of the film industry and – perhaps – an open door to an international career! As you can see, there is a lot to fight for! We are waiting for your compositions and scores until the 19th of March 2017. The submitted works will be assessed and evaluated by the international jury, led by Professor Daniel Carlin, head of the Faculty of Scoring for Motion Pictures & Television at the University of Southern California. The jury also comprises: Robert Townson – producer at the largest film music label – Varèse Sarabande, Michael Todd – American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Senior Director of Film & TV Music and Visual Media. Doreen Ringer-Ross – Vice President of Film & TV at Broadcast Music, Inc., Mina Korzeniowska – composer, Jean Michel-Bernard – composer, teacher and pianist, Chris Brown – music producer at WestOne Music, Magdalena Wojewoda-Mleczko – director of programming at RMF Classic, and Robert Piaskowski – artistic director of Krakow Film Music Festival.

The main prize in the competition comprises more than just the golden FMF Young Talent Award statuette, designed by Stanisław Juszczak from Krakow – the winning piece will be performed in public for the audience of the Film Music Gala, which is a prize of the greatest value for young artist.

Twenty of the best participants of this year’s competition will also have the opportunity to take part in the prestigious FMF Master Classes – workshops, recording session and panel discussions conducted by best industry experts, working for renowned universities, film studios, as well as international agencies and composing organisations. This year, the organisers of the festival are also expanding collaboration with local universities. The participants will be able to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the professors of the AGH University of Science and Technology, Academy of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Traditionally, the classes will take place at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice. Every participant will work on composing music for student films, they will also have an opportunity to record their project during a recording session in Lusławice.

The detailed schedule of the FMF Master Classes will be announced soon.

Winners of the three top places in the competition will also have all the costs of their stay in Krakow during the Festival covered by the organisers. The prizes also entail priority participation in the FMF Master Classes, as well as the ability to meet experts from the music industry attending the FMF. The media patronage over the laureate’s creations will be provided by the organisers of the festival: RMF Classic, Krakow Festival Office and its subsidiary Krakow Film Commission, as well as the international associations of film creators.

The detailed rules, terms and conditions of the FMF Young Talent Award 2017, as well as the application form are available here:
Rules and Regulations

After filling in, please submit the form via e-mail at: yta2017@biurofestiwalowe.pl. We are waiting for your compositions and scores until the 19th of March 2017. PLEASE NOTE: the access to the competition clip will be provided after the application to participate in the competition is accepted.

The previous four editions of the competition attracted over 350 composers from 30 countries in the world. All of the laureates work at an international market, and the competition’s statuette has become an inseparable part of their artistic biography.


The competition is organized as part of the Audiovisual Forum,
co-financed by Małopolska Region.