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May will be ours


Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


Live from studio on FMF online

Dear FMF fans!

Make sure you mark 5pm in your calendars between Tuesday 26 May and Monday 1 June! Every day we will be visiting recording studios of our beloved artists and composers – we will be continuing the cycle LIVE from the Studio, which we launched in March at the start of the quarantine. Although the #StayAtHome rule no longer applies, listening to beautiful music from your favourite armchair or on a sunny balcony is just as important!

Here is a timetable for the coming week :)




Tuesday, 26 May

LIVE from the Studio: Aleksander Dębicz & Szymon Nidzworski: Interstellar & Blade Runner 2049

The soundtracks to Interstellar and Blade Runner 2049 were composed by none other than the maestro of film music Hans Zimmer! But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be performed better, or simply differently, by someone else. We are going on a journey through science fiction cinema, originally planned as part of the Cinema Chorale concert scheduled for the very same evening. Our first guide along this journey is the pianist, composer and improviser Aleksander Dębicz. If you’re following him on social media, you already know exactly what he’s capable of! The artist has been keeping himself very busy during the quarantine by working on new arrangements, collaborating with guests and generally having fun. This time he will be performing alongside the saxophonist Szymon Nidzworski. We’re certain the duo will not disappoint!


Wednesday, 27 May

LIVE from the Studio: Łukasz Targosz & the Let’s Play Together Orchestra: The Secret Game

The song The Secret Game is the song of my dreams – it’s perfect for my vocal abilities. It’s also the most technically difficult track I’ve sung, so I am particularly pleased with it, says Ania Karwan about the song composed by Łukasz Targosz. The two perform together especially for the FMF audience. This will be a very special concert, since it will be accompanied by the Let’s Play Together Orchestra, founded by the composer himself and performing from home. The ensemble includes amateurs and professional musicians, brought together by their love of music! They will be joined by the charismatic cellist and regular guest at the FMF, Tina Guo. Łukasz Targosz is the author of over 40 film soundtracks, from arthouse, via animation and mainstream to historic cinema.


Thursday, 28 May

LIVE from the Studio: Maciej Zieliński: Servants of War & Initials SG

This year’s FMF concert Scoring4Polish Directors features brand-new arrangements of music from the above films, prepared by composer Maciej Zieliński. Instead of heading to the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, we will hear the jazz sounds of Initials SG and the electronic Servants of War from the comfort of our own homes, where we can fully immerse ourselves in his intricate style. And that’s not the only time we will hear his music during the FMF Online! The day after his Live from the Studio appearance, we will hear the music from the first instalment of the saga Humble Servants; his arrangement of the suite was one of the highlights of the concert All is Film Music – Anniversary Gala at the 10th FMF.In previous years, the composer brought music from hit productions such as Crime Detectives, Just Love Me, Why Not! and Not On Your Life! Who knows, maybe he’ll treat us to some nostalgic pieces during this year’s festival.


Friday, 29 May

LIVE from the Studio: Natasza Urbańska: Great Cinematic Hits

The star of last year’s FMF Gala: The Glamorous Show performs at Teatr Buffo with a programme she has prepared herself. Natasza Urbańska presents two songs she sung at the TAURON Arena Kraków a year ago: Children of the Revolution by T. Rex and Sparkling Diamonds, performed in Moulin Rouge by Nicole Kidman. We will also hear great musical hits such as Mambo Italiano and songs such as Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games. In fact, we will hear Natasza singing the latter again later, at m8pm during the All is Film Music – Anniversary Gala from the 10th FMF. As for the finale, Make sure you have your handkerchiefs at the ready, especially if you’re of a sensitive nature: Natasza will finish her performance with a hit of tearjerker pre-war cinema, originally sung by Hanka Ordonówna.


Saturday, 30 May

LIVE from the Studio: Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli: The Witcher

When we were writing music for The Witcher, the best part was being able to create an entire unique musical universe. We composed loads of songs, dances and stylised folk music and worked with a team of instrumentalists. We also used many period instruments, and even had some constructed especially for the series.

Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli, composers of the full soundtrack to The Witcher, appear on Saturday evening at the time when their music from the Netflix series was due to resound at the TAURON Arena Kraków during the TV Series Gala concert.It’s worth adding that Variety listed the composers in their Composers to Watch this year.The special guest of the concert will be Lindsay Deutsch – the acclaimed violinist also appears on the soundtrack.


Sunday, 31 May

LIVE from the Studio: Pop Culture Band: Scorsese After Hours

Just thinking about last year’s Dance2Cinema: Tarantino Unchained concert makes us tap our feet! Thanks to a collaboration between the FMF and FIMUCITÉ, the protagonists of the concert will be the Pop Culture Band and other vocalists who performed at that memorable evening. Patty Baker, Hector Quintero, Zuleyma Medina and Patricio González sing all the way from sunny Tenerife, performing songs from films by Marti Scorsese. Like Tarantino and Almodóvar, the director is known for reaching for favourite tracks from his youth, often picking them before filming even starts. We will hear brand-new arrangements of tracks such as Gimme Shelter from Goodfellas, Quando, Quando, Quando from Bringing Out the Dead and I’m Sorry from Casino, premiering as part of the cycle LIVE from the Studio. We are confident that they will be a suitable replacement for the concert Dance2Cinema: Scorsese After Hours we originally planned for this year’s FMF. The music director of the project and leader of the Pop Culture Band is Gonzalo de Araoz Vigil; the Tenerifian musician has prepared all the arrangements and plays electric guitar during the performance. The concert LIVE from the Studio: Pop Culture Band is co-organised by FIMUCITÉ.

Monday, 1 June

LIVE from the Studio: Marcin Jajkiewicz & Daughters: Magic of Music

We celebrate Children’s Day with a family performance by Marcin Jajkiewicz and his daughters Wiktoria and Zuzia. They will be streaming live from their home where they explore fairytales by reaching for magical costumes and objects. The programme features songs from Frozen: Love Is an Open Door, performed by Marcin and Wiktoria, and Do You Want to Build a Snowman? sung by Zuzia and Wiktoria. We will also hear solo performances by Marcin, beloved of FMF audiences for his appearances at Frozen Live in Concert, Animation Gala and Disney in Concert: The Magic of Music.The charismatic vocalist, best known for his dubbing work on Disney films, also performs Someday from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and You’re Welcome from Moana. Sing along from your own homes – let yourselves be enchanted by the magic of Disney!