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May will be ours


Henrik Lindström – winner of the FMF Young...


Disney’s Frozen with live music at the TAURON Arena Krakow

Winner of over 70 awards, including two Oscars, Walt Disney Studio’s breath-taking adventure comedy will be presented with live music for the first time in this part of Europe. We invite you to join us for the stunning display of high resolution film and light accompanied by magical music performed by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra under the baton of the American conductor Erik Ochsner and the Polish Radio Choir, on 5 February 2016, at 6 pm, at the TAURON Arena Krakow. The musicians on stage will be accompanied by members of the Polish voice cast: Kasia Łaska, Magda Wasylik and Marcin Jajkiewicz, who will perform live hit songs from the film. The concert is organised by the Krakow Festival Office, with Disney serving as a partner of the event.
Frozen was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio, and is set in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, which was visually inspired by the spectacular landscapes of Norway. Anna sets out on a great expedition to find her sister, Elsa, whose magical power has trapped Arendelle in the grip of eternal winter. She is assisted in her search by Kristoff, an expert in the mountain trails. They are accompanied on their journey through the snowy drifts by the reindeer Sven and a snowman named Olaf, who can make them laugh until they cry.


Frozen has captured the hearts of audiences all around the world. Its power isn’t waning, although two years have already passed since its premiere. We’re very proud that the Krakow Festival Office was invited by Disney Poland to prepare the Polish premiere of the concert version of this incredible production,” said Izabela Helbin, the Director of the Krakow Festival Office. “Join us on 5February at the TAURON Arena Krakow, for the first screening of Frozen with Live Music in this part of Europe! We can promise you now, it will be a spectacular event and great fun for the whole family,” Director Helbin added.


During the concert, we will hear songs composed by award-winning Tony Robert Lopez (The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q) and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (In Transit, Winnie the Pooh), as well as music composed by Christophe Beck (the Oscar-winning short film Paperman). The Krakow hall will ring with the fairy-tale hits beloved by both the youngest and the slightly older viewers, including the Oscar-winning “Let It Go”, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, “In Summer” and “For the First Time in Forever”.


Based on the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale The Snow Queen, the contemporary tale of the fight between good and evil grew during the production process, both in terms of plot and psychology. In the end, a magical, incredibly emotional story was created, full of tears, joy, fun and suspenseful action. Charming characters that both younger and older viewers can identify with make returning to the film a pleasure. The concert at the TAURON Arena Krakow will make it hard for the viewers to believe that Arendelle is a fictional land. Thanks to the highest quality of image and sound, as well as the best lighting effects in Poland, the audience will be able to take part in a truly spectacular event and travel to an incredible, ice-covered world full of snowy peaks and sleepy ice fjords.


The spectacle is an accompanying event of the Krakow Film Music Festival 2016. The event is organised by the City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office, with partnership of the Disney Music Group.


Ticket prices for the 9th Krakow Film Music Festival preview concert
05.02. 2016 r. (Friday), 6 pm

prices: FLOOR Zone I ( seats in rows 1-20) 199 PLN
FLOOR Zone II ( seats in rows 21-32) 159 PLN
FLOOR Zone III ( seats in rows 33-48) 139 PLN

Sector A12, A19 - 119 PLN (side view)
Sector A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A20, B2, B3 - 179 PLN
Sector C1, C2, C3, C4, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C24 – 79 PLN (possibly limited view)
Sector C5, C6, C7, C8 – 89 PLN (possibly limited view)

FAMILY ticket –
1 OR 2 adults (Floor/Stands) + 50 PLN ticket for child up to 18 y.o.
1 OR 2 adults (Floor/Stands) + 2 x 50 PLN ticket for two children up to 18 y.o.
1 OR 2 adults (Floor/Stands) + 3 x 50 PLN ticket for three children up to 18 y.o.

  • A 10% discount is applicable when purchasing more than 10 tickets to the concert.
  • Group tickets may be purchased through www.eventim.pl or selected InfoKraków information points.
  • The number of family tickets is limited.
  • Discount tickets are not planned.
  • Holders of the Krakow Family Card 3+ may purchase discount tickets (70% off; discount not applicable to family tickets). The number of these tickets is limited.
  • Before purchasing tickets, the customer should familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions of ticket sales for events organised by the Krakow Festival Office. The purchase of tickets is treated as agreement to the terms and conditions.

  Tickets to Film Music Festival concerts may be purchased through www.eventim.pl as well as selected InfoKraków information points: Św. Jana 2, Wszystkich Świętych 2, Powiśle 11 and Rynek Główny 1/3.  

Concert licensed by Disney Music Publishing and Buena Vista Concerts, a ision of ABC Inc. © All rights reserved.