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FMF Young Talent Award 2020 contest begins now.


We already know the entire FMF 2020 program


Abel Korzeniowski's monographic concert for the opening!

The Golden Globe-nominated scores for Tom Fords A Single Man and Madonnas W.E, romantic motifs from Randy Moores Escape from Tomorrow and Carlo Carleis Romeo and Juliet, as well as dark and unnerving suites from Tom Fords Nocturnal Animals and Penny Dreadful – the film music created by Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski will inaugurate this years 10th anniversary edition of the Krakow Film Music Festival!

Everything started back in 1997, when Marta Węgiel, a reporter from Krakow, asked Korzeniowski to compose music for her almost an hour-long documentary titled Czy pan to tak naprawdę, czy udaje? dedicated to the film and stage career of Jerzy Stuhr. Back then, the young composer already graduated from the cello class at the Academy of Music in Krakow, the studies which he complemented at the Faculty of Composition in order to – as he admitted in an interview with Kino – learn more about the workshop to be able to work in film. Three years later he debuted on the silver screen, in a film starring no one else but Jerzy Stuhr – The Big Animal – and his debut brought him his first award – the Golden Lion of the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. His later productions – including Weather for Tomorrow directed by Stuhr and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis from 1927 – a film for which the artist composed contemporary soundtrack – made his transition towards composing film music a reality. Abel Korzeniowski resigned from being an assistant to Professor Krzysztof Penderecki at the Academy of Music in Krakow and moved out of his home city.


Since 2006, the artist has been living in Los Angeles, where he collaborated with world-famous stars of international cinema (including Tom Ford and Madonna). He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for A Single Man and W.E., received a BAFTA Award nomination for Nocturnal Animals, as well as Emmy nomination for the soundtrack to Penny Dreadful. The list of his accolades concludes with three World Soundtrack Awards statuettes, as well as the Composer of the Year title, awarded by the International Film Music Critics Association (for his music to Romeo and Juliet and Escape from Tomorrow). Korzeniowski is fully devoted to film music; however, he focuses not only on the music in itself, but on the entire story shown on the screen. I work on a film, not only on the music for it, he summed up in an interview for Muzyka21. I am as much a creator of a film as camera operator or screenwriter, and the language of the film is so condensed that it allows for telling a story that would normally take 200 or 300 pages in just an hour and a half, on many various levels. Music is only one of the elements which can intensify this story. We all have to speak with one voice.


Korzeniowski will join us at the FMF for the second time – during the 6th edition of the festival in 2013 his pieces were heard during the official RMF Classic 10th Anniversary Gala. In a discussion with the audience he confessed that for him, the most important aspect of film music as a branch of art which speaks the most exceptional language, overflowing with emotions is the recognisability and clarity of musical motifs, and from the standpoint of the workshop – instruments and colours. According to Korzeniowski, few composers achieved mastery in this craft, and among them the best are Hollywood giants and Oscar-winning artists, John Williams and Alexandre Desplat. They stand for everything that is the most important in film music for me – subtlety, recognisability and melodies which are easy to remember. These are the defining characteristics of a great composition and true talent, the composer pointed out.


On the 17th of May 2017, Abel Korzeniowski will officially inaugurate the 10th edition of the Krakow Film Music Festival at ICE Kraków Congress Centre. The programme of the concert will feature new arrangements of the suites from the most recognisable, award-winning films featuring music by the composer from Krakow. Therefore, we will hear motifs from Golden Globe-nominated Tom Fords A Single Man and Madonnas W.E., we will also listen to the soundtrack from the provocative Escape from Tomorrow, filmed without permission in Disneyland, as well as some of the latest films: Tom Fords Nocturnal Animals, distinguished with the Silver Lions and a Golden Globe, as well as John Logans Emmy Award-nominated TV series Penny Dreadful. We will also hear some music from Carlo Carleis Romeo and Juliet, a personal favourite of the composer. It is a very romantic soundtrack, as Carlei tells us the story in a beautiful and classic way, without any experiments and modern tricks, the artist said in an interview for Muzyka21. I was never a big fan of modernising Shakespeare – I always consider such attempts to be a way for the directors to show off, without really considering the essence of the drama. I grew up watching Zefirelli. Perhaps this is why I favour all the classic adaptations, which are close to the original, even though I cannot look at the costumes in those productions and keep my face straight. Tybalt, standing proudly in his tights cannot be taken seriously!


The Music of Abel Korzeniowskiwill be performed by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra, with the composer himself taking the baton.


Before you hear the music live, you can listen to “The Music of Abel Korzeniowski” – a dedicated playlist, prepared specially for the 10th FMF. You can also follow our Spotify channel for more!

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