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The 14th Film Music Festival in Krakow –...


May will be ours



Daniel Carlin - chairman

Daniel Carlin, professor of practice at USC Thornton and director of the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television (SMPTV) program, is a 30-year industry veteran who has worked as an Emmy-winning music editor, Emmy-nominated music director, music supervisor, booth consultant, soundtrack producer, and/or conductor on nearly 200 film and television projects. His greatest hits include Days of Heaven, The Last of the Mohicans, The Black Stallion, and The Temptations. For 25 years, he was the CEO of Segue Music, the industry’s largest and most successful provider of on-set and post-production music services in Hollywood history.

Trevor Morris

Trevor Morris is a Canadian composer, author of soundtracks for TV productions and series, films and computer games. He is most famous for his soundtracks to The Borgias, The Tudors and Immortals. Morris has collaborated with some of the best directors and producers in the film industry, including Jerry Bruckheimer, Neil Jordan, Tony Scott and Ridley Scott. Winner of Emmy® awards, he was nominated in 2012 for the soundtrack for The Borgias. Most recently, he scored the music for TV series The Vikings.

Robert Townson

The most prolific producer of film music in the world, for over twenty-five years now he has been averaging one new album release a week. His work focuses not only on the most successful blockbusters of today but has, from the very beginning, made a priority of restoring and releasing the priceless musical treasures of Hollywood’s glorious history.

Michael Todd

ASCAP Senior Director of Film & TV Music, Michael Todd, has 20 years of experience in the Hollywood music industry and is a leader in the film & television composer community.

Doreen Ringer Ross

As VP, Film/TV Relations for BMI, Doreen Ringer Rossoversees all activity from the Los Angeles-based department serving film and television composers. Prior to BMI, Ringer Ross held artist development positions at A&M Records, ABC Records, and MCA Records, and also worked in television production as a producer for a wide array of television programs.

Richard Guérin

A native of the Boston area, he interned for the Boston Pops Orchestra, worked for Columbia Artists Management, acted as General Manager for Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Symphony in 2004-2005.

Paweł Pawlik

Paweł Pawlik is a radio journalist and Program Deputy Director of RMF Classic. His journey with radio started during his academic years in AGH University of Science and Technology’s student radio station. At the beginning of 1990s he became a part of RMF FM team, where for many years he was a reporter and creator of radio programmes. In 2002 he began working on a unique for polish media industry radio project RMF Classic, where he’s been working until today. Professionally and privately a film music lover. Huge fan of photography and biking.

Robert Piaskowski

Graduate of Polish Language Studies and Sociology of the Jagiellonian University and manager and promoter of culture and music. Formerly: educator, journalist, and founder and long-serving president of the Pro Musica Mundi Association. His work with the Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe began in 2004 with the creation of the Misteria Paschalia Festival. Since 2007 he has directed the program department of the KBF, and since 2010 has served in the role of Deputy Director for Programming.